I was lucky enough recently to win a trip to Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival in … Stockholm. The trip was a week before I was heading to Barcelona which I had purchased a new lens for, the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8. I had decided to take it to Stockholm to grab a few photos with and get a feel for what it was capable of. Unfortunately (or very fortunately) I got swept away by a tsunami of luscious hops and heavy malts.

The way Stockholm’s infrastructure works means that to get anywhere takes time and I was afforded not much time to leisurely walking about, beer, beer and more beer was the priority. It was a ‘when in Rome’ kinda of trip. Photo opportunities were few and far between and I didn’t want to hold up our group. I learned of a few limitations of the lens but this was the whole idea, to learn how to get the most out of a highly respected (and affordable) lens.

Here are a few photos that I was happy with, the colours are crisp and the subjects are interesting enough to warrant sharing. I had many photos that highlighted the great architecture but not in a very pretty way at all, those photos are for me.




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Light trip to Cornwall

It is that time of year where we descend on the SW of England. I decided to pack minimal gear for the trip and as such the only digital images I took were on my iPhone (I did take my Fuji Instax with me though too). I had planned on doing a really detailed blog post about all the images but there is nothing to gain from the images other than how beautiful Cornwall is and the capabilities of an App.

I was enjoying myself far too much and visited many new places to care to take notes of the trip. It’s better to enjoy the moment than try and recount it without actually experiencing it fully.

Photo 15-07-2014 11 09 44

Holywell Bay from the road.
Photo 15-07-2014 11 16 26

A little gap in the rocks framed the image really well.Photo 15-07-2014 11 34 25

Where sand meets sea.Photo 16-07-2014 18 20 38

Dymagate makes an appearance at Falmouth Pier
Photo 17-07-2014 19 24 07

The pier outside Pandora Inn, MylorPhoto 18-07-2014 13 31 10

I forget the place, but this jumped out at me. 

Photo 20-07-2014 15 05 03This panorama is from the same place as above.
Photo 19-07-2014 10 54 36

I’m a sucker for a lonely tree, Trellisick Garden Woodland Walk.

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Cali ’10

I have not had chance to do anything constructive new photography-wise recently due to ‘real life’. Luckily I had a good friend of mine come visit me at the weekend who brought along a hard-drive I have been dying to get my hands on. The drive was packed full of videos and stills from a West Coast trip of USA in 2010.

The idea was to edit all the video footage into some coherent story that hits the highlights. With having very little experience putting the video together I decide to shirk that and edit some photos instead. I have no idea who took any of the photos I’m uploading, I think we all had a helping hand in them.


This set of photos are from our visit to an old silver mining town of Calico via Joshua Tree. The place was the hottest and driest place I have ever been too. Everything you touched was scalding hot, even the iPhones had closed themselves down due to the excessive heat. I have no idea how people use to be able to work in that heat.













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Wales Trip-2

Mamiya Slide

This is from my first roll of slide film through my Mamiya 645. This camera is slowly working its way up my favourite cameras to take on trips with me. I wish I could afford the 645 AFDII but that is a bit of a pipe dream right now. The images are just scanned and some have had exposure changes but they are presented as is. This is the same for all my film images (the odd B&W conversions snakes in). The film I used was Fuji Provia 100f RDPIII and I have plenty more to shoot (maybe some 35mm too?), so keep your eyes peeled!

As always, these images are low res. If you want to see a high res version, just drop me a message.

Wales Trip-2I think this one is my favourite of the set.

Wales Trip-3

Wales Trip-4

Wales Trip-5

Wales Trip-6

Wales Trip-7

Wales Trip

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Lazy Brew Day

I recently got invited to join Lewis and Dom on their brew day. It wasn’t so much a brew day, it was more like ‘lets sit around and beat Andy on Madden ’12 to the point where he nearly has a mental breakdown’ day.

Still waiting for Lewis to bottle the beer but I’m sure it’ll be super tasty. Here are some snaps of the day, just for memories rather than a ‘perfect’ photo.














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Batman's house-7

Batman’s House

I’m lucky enough to live in an area that is quite close to Wollaton Hall. It’s a super nice day out, plenty of space to let dogs run wild and chase some deer, Fenton style!


I went the other day to take the pup a walk and decided to take a camera I’ve never used, my Pentax SFXn. It’s quite a simple automatic 35mm film camera to use. It’s definitely not one of the ones I will go to to do some more serious work (my Canon EOS5 is where it’s at for me right now). It still however produced some half decent images on some expired film.

Batman's house-7

Batman's house-2

Batman's house-3

Batman's house-5

Batman's house-6
Batman's house-8


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Trip to Munich via Heathrow

I was lucky enough recently to be able to go to Weihenstephan brewery just north of Munich, all in the name of work. Heathrow is an absolute beast of an airport and it was my first time flying out of T5. The building itself has a lot of very strong prominent lines as soon as you look upwards, almost boggles the mind with thoughts of tessellation  and patterns.

The  trip was fantastic but once I was out of Heathrow, my camera must’ve took a funny turn with regards to metering because a fair few photos I had back were extremely under-exposed. The Pentax ME Super I was using has definitely had a lot of wear and tear and now and again has produced mixed results. My camera of choice for 35mm is Canon EoS5, but I decided to go with the Pentax just for how compact it is, yet offers me a fair bit of control over an actual compact 35mm. Luckily the photos were taken for pleasure and not to accurately document the trip.










This was the Schneider bar in Freising that we drank half dry. This is the only decent photo I managed to get on the ‘other side’

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